You have come to the right place if you are obsessed with spin fishing or if you are interested in this wonderful andsophisticated angling technique!

The idea of NORIZI wobblers was born in the autumn of 2008 when many effective wobblers were discontinuedby their respective manufacturers.At that time we decided to create alure that met our requirements. Even the first pieces were surprisingly catchy! Admittedly, their surface finish left something to be desired, but we knew that this was aresolvable issue. We knew if we were able to bring our production to a high quality level by paying attention to even the smallest of details, we would have a place among the rest of the wobbler brands on the angler shops' shelves!

While maintaining our furniture production and antique restoration business, we enthusiastically embarked upon a two and a half year development process. Our principal goal was to realize what most people dream of doing: to have our work be our hobby! As time passed, we realized along the way many things that did not even cross our minds when the idea was born. In order to have ready-made wobbler packages at retailers, the concerted work of 8-10 trades was needed. Wobblers went through 35-45 different workflows before the angler could take the high-quality product into his hands. Having overcome many obstacles,we can now present you with products of such high quality that we confidently place our wobblers next to other brands.

For further information on our NORIZI wobblers, feel free to browse our website!


Our basic principles

  • To manufacture products of the highest quality without compromise
  • Hungarian wobblers for Hungarian fish!

Our plan

  • The creation of at least ten families of wobblers with various sizes, types and colours in each

  • Continuous development in pursuit of enhanced quality

Our aim

  • An angler putting NORIZI wobblers on his line should be confident he chose the perfect lure, and should not lose any fish because of the wobbler

  • NORIZI wobblers should contribute to some of the most exciting experiences of an angler's life, and he should always choose our wobblers with trust and confidence.





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